What is Hichart?

Hichart is a program diagram language which is a set of tree-flowcharts. Hichart program diagrams have special symbols such as iteration, condition and subroutine, and can express hierarchical structures. In particular, the iteration symbol was introduced by Hichart tree-flowchart for the first time, and has been commonly used in several program diagram languages recently.
The Hichart tree-flowchart has the following major features:
1. can express the flow control the same as Neumann flowchart,
2. iteration symbols and condition symbols are newly introduced,
3. the program is represented by a tree-like structured graph.
Therefore, Hichart} is different from many other diagram languages in the sense that it retains characteristics of a flowchart and is able to describe simultaneously both the hierarchy and the flow of the control. And, the tree-flowchart can express three kinds of data: control flow, modular structure and program structure, at the same time.

Our Projects

  1. Introduction to Hichart

  2. Introduction to Pascal

  3. Introduction to C Programming Language on EleckBook

  4. Sorting Animations on EleckBook

  5. Data Structure and Algorithms on EleckBook

  6. Hichart Translation Service

  7. Hiform System


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